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Engelstalige fietsbladen



In het Nederlands zijn redelijk wat fietsbladen verkrijgbaar. In het Engels is er nog veel meer beschikbaar. Er kan zo een nieuwe (fiets)wereld voor je open gaan. In
de Engelstalige fietsbladen staan vaak artikelen die je nieuwe en andere inzichten geven.

Cycling Plus magazine UK

Cycling Plus magazine UK
Cycling Plus is the magazine for anyone who appreciates the all-out effort of time-trialing, the freedom of touring, the cut-and-thrust of commuting, and the sheer joy of just being out on the road.
Every month we bring you what's new in the world of cycling. Our team of experts tests every product we review. And we're talking about real tests here. Each bike we review is tested in real-world situations and for as long as it takes us to reach our conclusion, which is usually several weeks, but can run in to months.
Of course, we could test more products faster, but we're not on piecework and we're not on any manufacturer's payroll. Press releases are binned, not rewritten, because unlike some magazines we believe in coming to our own conclusions. All the bikes we test are stripped down. Frame alignment is checked, welds are inspected, and each component is weighed.
extensive monthly 'Bodyshop' section. Here we bring you the latest in cycling science, including training-and-nutrition advice from qualified sports scientists and medical advice from the BCF team doctor.
Whether you are a -beginner or an expert, Cycling Plus can help you to get the most out of your bike(s) and the most out of your cycling. We even have regular competitions that give you the chance to win top-quality bikes and cycling gear...
All this and more brought to you by Cycling Plus, the best-selling monthly cycling magazine in the UK.
Bicycling magazine USA

Bicycling Magazine USA
Bicycling Magazine is the world's premier road and mountain biking publication, packed with the practical tips needed to make every ride more enjoyable. Bicycling offers information on where to ride, how to train, health and fitness tips, and equipment reviews.

Bike magazine USA

Bike Magazine USA
Written for those interested in the sport of mountain biking, Bike Magazine profiles new products and equipment specifically designed for mountain bikers. Each issue also includes beautiful photographs of challenging places to bike

Bicycling magazine AustraliŽ

Bicycling Magazine AustraliŽ
Road focused cycling magazine, including event coverage, articles on new products, bike tests, training equipment, positioning and other technical subjects written by a formidable team of experts.

Mountain Biking magazine AustraliŽ

Mountain Biking Magazine AustraliŽ
This magazine is aimed at the mountain bike enthusiast. It features product and bike tests as well as events. There is a strong emphasis on the adventure side of mountain biking.

Triathlon & Multi Sport magazine AustraliŽ

Triathlon & Multi Sport Magazine AustraliŽ
Triathlon & Multi Sport Magazine has inspirational articles from the world's top athletes. It provides training and nutritional tips, triathlon news and updates and an event calendar. Triathlon & Multi Sport Magazine should be an essential part of your training for the next big race.
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